You've got to think about kids

Wandering around Ostrava and treating the city as a playground, K/Nights of the Future aka the Audio Video Bass collective and their Banket gigs got grounded when covid hit early in 2020. Down there in the dungeon of lockdown many things happened. Some people left. Somebody came and went. Others muscled up, moved away and/or moved on.

Since the urban playground was out of order, there was time to settle down. A plan that was years in making finally materialized. The underlying idea was to cast experience gained by years of organizing one-off site specific gigs solid, i.e. to give it a bit more stable shape and turn our focus on long-term curation of events.Out of all this, our Faraji baby club was born. (Faraji is a name with Swahili and Arabic roots to encourage baby's soft, caring side.) Hopefully we matured enough in the process to ensure good enough parenting. As conscious parents, we naturally want our offspring to become not only a mere imprint of ourselves, our values and principles, but also an independent being capable of interacting as a platform freely with other entities from various fields of cultural life.

The independence part is going to be a bit of a challenge. As caring parents it makes us a little nervous. We’re aware the topic traumatizing one’s child is a big topic we definitely want Faraji to prevent from. We want to do it right.